Moffitt-Jones for Change

Find out more about Angela and how she plans to FIX Oklahoma!

Moffitt-Jones for Change

It is time for some change at the Oklahoma state capitol!  It is NOT acceptable for our state to be LAST in education.  It is NOT acceptable for our state to be FIRST in incarcerations.  It is NOT acceptable for us to be building new prisons, while our schools are falling apart.  IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

For the last ten+ years, Oklahoma’s economy has been in a downward spiral.  Those at the top, the 1%, have had it too good.  They have seen their taxes drop and their wallets fatten.  All the while, us hard working American’s, the 99% of the population, are killing ourselves to pay taxes that we can not afford.  Why are we paying taxes on everything, from income to services?  When big oil, wind, and the rich continue to cut their own taxes and thrive off of the backs of hard working Oklahoman’s.

It is time for someone that actually cares about the PEOPLE to be a representative of  ALL PEOPLE in Oklahoma!  Not just the 1%. Not just our buddies we grew up with.  Not just big oil and those that can fatten our own wallets. It is time to bring back common sense and love of all people in our capitol.  It is time for us to move forward in our state and stop with all of the lies and deceit.  IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!

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